New In | ColourPop (First Impressions & Swatches)

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Now that my exams are finally over, I can get back to posting! I decided to start this week with my first ColourPop order; I’ll share my thoughts on the brand, first impressions and swatches!

So, I’ve been wanting to order something from ColourPop since forever (!) and I finally did so last month when they had free shipping on all orders (no minimum). I’m very pleased when it comes to how fast my order was processed, everything came in perfect condition and it took only a week or so before the package was in my hands. Unfortunately, I had to pay some additional costs since this was a package from a non-EU country (I’m in Sweden) so, in the end, it wasn’t really that cheap, but I’ll live. :D

Products I ordered:

  • lippie stix in shades: Lumiere, Bichette, Back Up and LBB (all vegan)
  • Super Shock Shadow in shade Cricket (vegan)

Lippie Stix

The product I was mostly interested in was Lippie Stix because I’ve read so many good reviews and I just wanted to try them for myself. Well, I can definitely say that I am impressed with their pigmentation, the colours on lips are true to those in the packaging. Matte shades - LBB, Lumiere, Bichette – do have a drier texture and have a sticky feeling after application. The last shade, Back Up, has a matte X finish and it is completely different from matte finish because it has this waxy formula and it’s so nice and creamy on lips. It’s also the only shade that looks completely matte on my lips. The downside of these is that they all have a weird scent that reminds me of wax crayons. I don’t know if it is something that’s typical for Lippie Stix in general or it is something that depends on the shade. Another thing – LBB stains my lips (I just can’t remove it, LOL). I don’t see this as an issue, but someone might.

Lippie Stix cost $5 / 43 SEK / €4.44 and you get 1 gram of product. I have to say I was surprised that they contain only 1 gram of product. It was my fault though, I assumed they contain the average amount, like 3 grams of product or so, but they don’t. I should’ve checked before I placed my order. Anyway, that’s why I think their claims as being an affordable and cheap brand are actually misleading. You pay less, yes, but you get less, too. :D For reference, Wet n Wild lipsticks cost $2.49 and you get 3,3 grams of product! THAT is a cheap and affordable brand.

Super Shock Shadow in Cricket (ultra-glitter)

When it comes to the eye shadow, I don’t really have much to say besides that I end up having glitter all over my face when I apply it. It is a nice colour though and you do get a proper amount of product for the price you pay – $5 / 43 SEK / €4.44 for 2.1 gram of product. I think this shouldn’t be applied on it own but rather on top of a dark base like black or purple pencil. Will try that this week, I finally have some time to play with new looks. The texture is soft and smooth with good color payoff. Oh yeah, the thing that I really dislike about this product is the packaging – unnecessarily too big.


Overall, I am pleased with my order, but I won’t be placing another one. Even though ColourPop has nice products, I don’t think I’m willing to pay extra costs for products that contan only 1 gram of product. Another thing that really bugs me is that I’ve read so many posts on blogs and reddit about how their customer service is bad and that is just unaceptable.

Photos & Swatches

 photo colourpop01_zpscnznztzn.jpg
l-r: Back Up, Bichette, Lumiere, LBB

 photo colourpop03_zpsnmd2pfv1.jpg

 photo colourpop04_zps9bkbpc7i.jpg
l-r: Lumiere, Bichette, Back Up, LBB and Cricket

What are your thoughts on ColourPop?

Vesna ♥

Why I Went Cruelty-Free (And How)

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In 2015 I decided to go cruelty-free. If you don’t know what the term means, it simply means that beauty products aren’t tested on animals. In this post I wanted to explain why I went cruelty-free, but also how (in case you’d like to do the same thing, and hopefully my little guide could help you at that). To be honest, I don’t really have a valid reason for not doing that sooner; it’s not like I didn’t know brands were testing on animals, but I obviously chose to look the other way or to ignore this issue. I’m glad I finally did some reading because I realised I didn’t want to contribute to this cruel practice any longer just so that I could buy a pretty lipstick or mascara. So, if you’re interested in my reasons and how I went cruelty-free, keep reading!

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There are many reasons why I decided to go cruelty-free, and while certain reasons were more important than others, all of them lead me to my decision.

Animal testing is cruel and disgusting

Have you ever wondered how testing on animals looks like? Did you know that chemicals are literally rubbed into their shaved skin, dripped into their eyes or given to them oraly? I know I wouldn’t allow such tests being performed on my dog, so why would I be okay with them being performed on other animals? And can someone explain the purpose of that? I have a really hard time understanding how are these tests helping anyone.

Animal testing isn’t necessary and there are other alternatives

Beauty products don’t need to be tested on animals and it’s completely unnecessary since thousands of ingredients have already been proven to be safe for use and there is no reason to test them over and over again. Not to mention there are other alternatives to animal testing like, for example, in vitro testing.

I didn’t want to support animal testing

You know how they say that we, consumers, vote with our money? Well, that’s true and that’s why I wanted to stop supporting companies that test on animals. Because, let’s be honest, everytime I purchased something from companies that do test, I was basically paying for animal testing (among other stuff). Well, I figured there are better ways to spend my money so I was done supporting companies that test on animals.

I wanted to support animal-friendly brands

This is actually related to my previous point. There are many cruelty-free brands which means that I actually have a choice and that I could support brands that shared my view when it comes to animal testing. There are actually so many brands to choose from, and you would be surprised how many brands are cruelty-free. I will link some lists in the ‘how’ part of this post.

 photo why-I-went-cruelty-free02_zpsbcp2bbbg.jpg


When it comes to how I went cruelty-free, I can tell you that it did feel a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but it isn’t impossible.


First thing I did is, obviously, research. As I said, it felt so overwhelming at the beginning and I didn’t know where to start, but luckily there are so many excellent cruelty-free bloggers and various organisation who share their information on cruelty-free brands. After checking lists with cruelty-free brands, I went through my makeup bag to check if I already owned any of those brands. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so good at that, I actually have many products from brands that do test, but I did make a list of brands and products that I planned to purchase in the future.

Switching products I already owned

When it comes to this, I can tell you that I did (and I still do) this as I go and I would recommend this to anyone who’s going cruelty-free. I didn’t throw anything away because I don’t like to throw stuff away and I don’t see the point of that; I rather gave away some of my products and I even sold a few, but I still have many products since I am a bit of a hoarder, so I’m still figuring out how to deal with that. In the meantime, I’m buying products as I go and as I use up something (I mostly use up skin careproducts  because I have less of those and it’s easier to use them up ).

Being up to date

Even though I did my research at the beginning, it’s important that I’m always up to date because brands do change their status – some brands lose their cruelty-free status (unfortunately), while others join the cruelty-free community.

 photo why-I-went-cruelty-free03_zps3ychvjte.jpg


As I mentioned above, I started by doing some research and here are the links to bloggers and organisations that helped me with information on animal testing and cruelty-free brands.


  • Humane Society International – is a global organisation that helps all animals through various programs and on their website you can read more about animal testing – HERE
  • Leaping Bunny – is an organisation that has so called Leaping Bunny Program which means that brands (companies) can be certified by them; this certificate means that these brands do not test their ingredients or products on animals, nor do they pay a third party to do the testing for them. You need to keep in mind that not all companies are certified by Leaping Bunny and that doesn’t mean that they’re not cruelty free. Click to see which brands are certified – LINK.

Cruelty-Free Bloggers

  • Logical Harmony – this is probably one of the first blogs I came across; Tashina, the author behind the blog, has her own list of cruelty-free brands – she contacts them directly with a set of questions and then adds brands to three lists: cruelty-free, gray area brands and brands to avoid. Lists are available HERE. Again, keep in mind that not all brands are on these lists, simply because it takes time to contact all these brands and then for them to answer; not to mention she’s just one person.
  • Cruelty-Free Kitty – another blogger I like to read and I’ve been following since I started my cruelty-free journey. She, too, has her own list and you can see it HERE.
  • Phyrra – I’ve been reading her blog for years, even before she went cruelty-free; the reason I followed her is because she has many indie reviews and I just love indie brands! You can see her list of cruelty-free brands HERE.

There are many other websites I follow, but these are probably the ones I read on a weekly basis, especially when it comes to cruelty-free lists. You’ll notice how many lists have similar brands  on them, but then there are some diffrences. That can depend on various reason, but I think one of them is the fact that they (bloggers I mentioned) all contact brands by themselves and that’s something that just takes time.

I hope you’ll find this post useful, but I do plan to go a bit into more details about cruelty-free brands and why certain brands still test their products on animals. I’ll also share some of my favourite brands in this range, but I’m sure you already know which those are since I’ve been all about certain brands. ;)

 Vesna ♥

New In | May ♥

Hello! Even though I wasn’t planning on buying much in April/May, I still ended up with some products and I wanted to share them with you. Some of them I’ve already tried and I’ll write a sentance or two, but I will be posting my first impressions as well. :) So, let’s get started!

Maria Nila

Based in Stockholm, Maria Nila offers a variety of hair care products. I’ve been reading about them a lot and I was so tempted to order something. Since my hair has grown quite a lot, I really wanted to trz some hair styles, but I needed some products first (I don’t remember the last time I purchased a hare product which wasn’t shampoo or conditioner). I picked three products which I thought might be the best ones to start with: styling spray, dry shampoo and cream heat spray.  I just received them 2 days ago so I still haven’t tried them, but I will be testing two of them today. As you can see, they are all vegan (I love how they clearly state on their packaging which products are vegan + most of their range is vegan).

 photo maria-nila01_zpsfw6zivbm.jpg

Marc Jacobs Beauty

I’m so happy that another high-end brand decided to be cruelty-free! I picked up two products last week: Lush & Libido blush and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lipstick. Lush & Libido was on my wish list for quite some time and I finally purchased it! It is such a wonderful colour which really suits my complexion. It might looks too pink in the packaging, but it looks quite mildly and flatters my skin. The other product is the lipstick in shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which I didn’t plan to buy, but I tried it while I was in Sephora and was just mesmerized by how it looked on me. In addition to that, a friend said it really brings out the colour of my eyes, so that was and easy decision. :D Will be posting my first impressions this weekend!

(Just a reminder that this is a separate brand and has nothing to do with Marc Jacobs Perfumes or the fashion brand. And not sure these products are vegan, I did check the ingredients and it looks like they are vegan, but I have to confirm that first)

 photo marc-jacobs-beauty-lush-libido02_zpsmhog6pce.jpg
Lush & Libido blush

 photo marc-jacobs-beauty-kiss-kiss-bang-bang02_zpsapgdioas.jpg
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang lipstick

ACO, estelle & thild, EX1 Cosmetics (all vegan)

I’ve been searching for a new sunscreen for a while now because I wanted to buy mineral-based sunscreen again, but didn’t manage to find what I was looking for. Instead I ended up buying ACO Sun Face Fluid SPF 50 and, to be honest, I’m so glad I did! It’s thicker, but it absorbs fairly quickly and leaves this velvet-y feeling on my skin.

Another product I picked up is estelle & thild Eye Make Up Remover (dual-phase) because my eyes are really sensitive lately and I need something really gentle to remove my eye make up. Since I was satisifed with their products so far, I decided to get their make up remover and that was a good choice. It really is gentle and it’s fragrance-free. Wished it contained more than 150 ml, but I’ll live. :D

For the past few weeks I was searching for a foundation that has pink undertone, but which is for those who are light-medium with olive skin tones (like I am). There aren’t many foundations that have this option, and EX1 Cosmetics is actually one of the few. Their shade F100 is the only shade with pink undertones, which is a shame since it’s a bit dark for me (I’m light-medium and this is obviously a medium shade). :( It will be a good shade for summer, but I wished they had something slightly lighter since it really is a good foundation. I was testing it over the weekend and I was so, so impressed! I’ll try mixing it with something to get a lighter shade, but I’m not sure how good that will be since such products usually change the texture and not just the shade. We’ll see.

 photo aco-estelleampthild-ex1_zpsq23w1yr0.jpg

IsaDora Sculpting Lipstick & Lipliner, shade Rosewood (vegan)

I already own one shade from this range, but I decided to get another one – Rosewood. It’s actually quite darker on my lips, much darker than I thought it would be, but it looks really good! The lipliner is waterproof and super dry, but the lipstick is creamy so together they tend to have a good balance and are comfortable on my lips. I took some photos of me wearing it, but the lighting was bad so I’ll have to take the photos again, hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend for that :)

 photo IMG_0530_zpse3akodio.jpg

Four Reasons Take Away Color 3.0 Coffee Bean (vegan)

I really miss my dark brown hair so I picked up this shade from Four Reasons. This isn’t a permanent colour so it doesn’t last so long, but I like it anyway. The last time I picked a shade lighter, but since I didn’t see a significant change, I got a darker shade this time. Will post before/after pictures, will be applying it tomorrow :)

 photo four-reasons_zpstini4z64.jpg

So, these are my new products! I’m already using some of them and will be posting my first impressions in the next few days!

Vesna ♥

Beauty Products I Won’t Be Buying Again

 photo products-01_zpst8j3dgrw.jpg

Since I managed to collect a few products I won’t be buying again, I though a post about them would be a good idea. This way I can give you a short review and the reason(s) why I won’t be repurchasing any of these products. So, let’s get started!

IsaDora Mascara Volume 2.0 – this is a product I’ve actually purchased a few times before and I really liked it, but for some reason this last tube has been really weird, to say the least. I don’t remember this being an issue before, but this time I experienced something I’ve never experienced with a mascara – after a long day, this mascara kinda disappeares from my lashes?! I was even thinking I was going crazy for a second, but I know I applied it in the morning, plus there were some leftovers, but all in all, the most of it was gone. On top of that, it got dry quite quickly and I’ve maybe had it for a month?

IsaDora Big Bold Extreme Ultimate Volume Mascara – another mascara I won’t be repurchasing. First of all, it has quite a big brush which I don’t like – I get mascara almost everywhere, even when I’m super careful. But the other issue is that it dries so quickly. Not like the mascara above, but after 2 weeks it was significantly drier and even harder to work with. A bit expensive hobby, if you ask me (and I do change my mascara often, 2-3 months max., but every 2 weeks? I don’t think so).

Hylamide SubQ Eyes – this is the only Hylamide product I don’t like (I’ve tried 3 of them – SubQ Anti-Age and SubQ C25) and not because the product itself isn’t good, but I’d say it’s just not enough for my under eye area. After a really long winter in Stockholm, I can see how this serum just wasn’t good enough – my under eye area is really dry and it definitely needs something more hydrating. I’d say this might be good for someone in their 20’s and who doesn’t have issues with dry under eye area.

Lumene Color Correcting CC Cream (Light) – this is actually a product I purchased for the second time, BUT, after they changed the packaging, they changed the ingredients as well OR my skin is getting crazy and is reacting to products it didn’t react before (not sure which option I dislike more). I didn’t notice it at first, but after two weeks of using it regularly, my forehead was full of tiny red spots and small white pimples. At first, I thought it had to be a reaction to a skin care product, but I was confused since I haven’t changed anything and then it hit me – Lumene CC! As soon as I stopped using it, my skin got better. I’m actually really sad about this product since it was my go-to product and I love everything about it. Such a shame.

 photo products02_zpsdarsrtxh.jpg

estelle & thild Biohydrate All-In-One Tinted Moisturizer (01 Light) – the only reason I won’t be purchasing this product again is because it doesn’t contain SPF. And I wouldn’t mind that at all, but everytime I use it on top of my SPF cream and after it absorbs, it starts peeling off as soon as I touch my face. So, unfortunately, I won’t be buying this after I use up this bottle. Other than that, I really love this product since it looks good on my skin, love the texture and everything, but I guess I’ll be using it on those days when I’m staying inside.

Paula’s Choice Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner – after using up this bottle, I didn’t get another one since I didn’t find this toner to be anything special. I mean, it was okay, but no “wow” effect. Plus, it is a bit pricey for only 118 ml. Instead of this product, I got estelle & thild BioCleanse Toner which I’ll be reviewing soon.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Conceal (shade 0.75) – this is a concealer which I got only recently, but I already decided to never buy it again (or getting anything similar). As mentioned, I have dry under eye area and this concealer is really difficult to apply. It’s quite heavy and it looks really dry on my skin. I’ve tried different things to make it work, and I will try some additional “tricks”, but not sure if that will help. Until then, I’ll use it under my brows or something like that. Oh, I also have to mention how it has a seriously weird smell. Not sure how to describe it, but not pleasant, LOL. Anyway, won’t be buying this product again.

Lindex Eye Make Up Remover – I don’t know what was I thinking when I got this make up remover, especially since they did have a sample bottle at the counter, but it’s a really terrible product for my eyes. It stings and it’s heavily scented, to the point where I feel a bit sick after using it. Now I’m using it to remove my swatches, but even that is a challenge because of the smell. I really wish companies would stop adding so much perfume in products, especially those which are used as skin care products.

 photo products03_zpstftuis6s.jpg

Well, these were the products I won’t be buying again. How about you? Did you buy something that you ended up not liking or it just wasn’t something you’d buy again? Ler me know! :)

Vesna ♥

Jane’s Doodles Release Blog Hop: Plants ♥

Welcome to another Jane’s Doodles Blog Hop stamp release! I am so excited about this stamp release since I LOVE plants, but that wasn’t the case until recently. Don’t know why it took me so long to open my heart and home to plants, but I’m glad I finally did that. Space is definitely prettier and friendlier when you have plants around. :) Not to mention how this set contains my favourite plant – Monstera! ♥ ♥ ♥


 photo plants_zpsdfz3tpbo.jpg


me -> you are here!
Jane’s Doodles blog

For this blog hop I made three quite simple cards. I feel a bit rusty since I haven’t been into card making for the past few months, but it was worth it since I nailed all my exams (at least, so far hehe). Now I’m back and I hope you’ll like my cards! I promise I’ll experiment more with colours and textures in the future ;)

 photo plants00_zpsa2bqn0tj.jpg

 photo plants00a_zpsw1cuctls.jpg

 photo plants01_zpszu3yn5fc.jpg

 photo plants02_zps0lvdxq3k.jpg

 photo plants03_zpsu896hpk7.jpg


As always, Jane is having a giveaway – you can win a stamp set of your choice! To get a chance for that please leave a comment HERE! Jane will choose a winner on Friday!

Additionally, Jane’s Doodles is having 25% off on all stamps! Happy shopping! :)

Thanks for stopping by and happy blog hopping!

Vesna ♥