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Welcome to frozen-spring.com!

My name is Vesna and I’m the creator behind this website!
Frozen spring was founded in January 2015 because I needed a place where I wanted to share all those things I love. At the moment I’m mostly sharing my reviews of cruelty free beauty products, but I have big plans for the future – posts about sustainable fashion/living in general, second hand shopping, my favourite places in Stockholm, and much more. Stay tuned!

In case you are interested: why frozen spring?

  • frozen – reminds me of chilly mornings and frosty nature in my home town
  • spring – my favourite time of the year, but, more importantly, my name Vesna stands for an ancient Slavic goddess of spring.

(They tell me that Swedes don’t really have true summers but instead they have long springs. I guess I’m in the right place now.)

A few facts about me:

  • 32 years old
  • vegetarian (since 11/2015)
  • dog person (we have a dog called Norbert, but he’s currently staying with my parents in Croatia where he’s having the best time of his life!)
  • card maker and knitter, but I’m also into other crafts like sewing, makeovers, painting, all kinds of DIY – my Instagram account
  • in love with Stockholm (and Sweden, of course)

Vesna ♥