Currently loving #001

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Let me share with you a few things I currently love ♥

  • “bowl” which I use as my fruit bowl. I love how simple it actually is and yet it’s so stunningly looking. Okay, maybe not to you (which I find it hard to believe) but I really like it. :D is another Scandinavian design brand which definitely is pricey for me but they do have good sale offers from time to time.
  • Little bowls from Marina Marinski which I use for my healthy snacks! Marina is a tremendously talented Croatian jewelry and ceramic designer and I can’t even describe how much I love her work. I already own many bowls and some jewelry with her signature and the only thing I can do is to highly recommend her work. ♥
  • Tulips. Swedes really have a thing for flowers and it didn’t take me long to adapt. Not that I didn’t like flowers before or anything, I just never gave them a thought. Boy, that was so wrong! I just enjoy these tulips and I’m actually good in taking care of them (I was sure they wouldn’t survive the night bet here they are five days later!).
  • Sköna hem, one of many Swedish magazines about interiors, home decor and all those pretty little things.

What do you love at the moment? :)

Vesna ♥

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