DIY: stamps

 photo handmade_stamps00_zpss052yqjt.jpg

I’ve been using clear stamps for a while now and even though I love clear stamps, I really wanted to make some of my own stamps. Since my stamps are carved from linoleum, I knew they won’t be perfect or a masterpiece, but what counts is giving it a try!

So, how and why did I decide to carve some botany themed stamps? To make the long story short – I joined The Craft Lab community. Every month they host Creative Challenge and this month’s theme is – BOTANY! And, well, that was it! I had to get my materials since this was the perfect opportunity to make something I’ve been postponing for a long time. :)

Materials I used:

  • linoleum (you could use a eraser but I found linoleum to be much easier to work with since it’s softer and it has a larger surface which is perfect for larger stamps)
  • carving tools (you can get this at any hobby story but compare prices before you buy any set; I purchased my set, which contained 5 different knives, for only $5.50)
  • parchment (baking) paper + a pen and eraser (you’ll need it to transfer your drawing onto linoleum; easier than drawing directly on linoleum)
  • ink / paint for stamping (you can use any kind of paint, but I prefer ink since it’s easier to clean stamps after each use, especially if it’s something I’ll be using often and not for one use only)
  • a piece of wood / plastic / anything that you can use as a surface that holds your stamp while you stamp (as I sad, linoleum is softer and thinner and you can’t really hold it with your fingers)


  • draw something on parchment paper (in my case it’s different shapes of leaves) and transfer your drawing onto linoleum by using your nails (gently scratch over your drawing; check if everything has transferred – hold your paper in place but lift that area where your drawing is)
  • use your carving tool to carve everything you don’t want to see while you stamp – this means everything around your drawing and some details as well, if you have them
  • cut your finished shape and you’re done!
  • stick it to something and you’re free to stamp! :)


 photo handmade_stamps02_zpsilzoo2rw.jpg
leaf #1
(simple shape and no details because I wanted to start with something really simple)

 photo handmade_stamps02a_zpsgb18afus.jpg

 photo handmade_stamps03_zps3dh1ze6a.jpg
leaf #2
(still a simple shape but with a slight detail in the middle)

 photo handmade_stamps03a_zpso06ov7nb.jpg

 photo handmade_stamps01_zpsl9hyamjc.jpg
leaf #3
(simple shape with a decent amount of details since I’m a beginner)

 photo handmade_stamps01a_zpsvnygkx17.jpg

 I hope you like my stamps and I hope I inspired you to make some of your own! :)

Vesna ♥

DIY: botanical tags

 photo diy_tags00_zps9k6hlmnj.jpg

I’m not really sure why, but I love making all kinds of tags! :D I use them for everything I can think of: labeling presents, jars, as bookmarks and so on. For some reason, tags are pricey in hobby and home decor stores here in Stockholm, so I definitely prefer making them on my own. If you want to make your own tags with botanical motifs, keep reading!

Here’s what you need:

  • paper (thicker, 170 grams will do; smooth since you’ll be drawing)
  • pens or markers (black or color; I prefer black ones)
  • scissors
  • hole puncher (I guess every household has the one that punches two or four holes; this one is more convenient if you ask me, but not a must)
  • jute twine rope or ribbon
  • ruler (not pictured)

 photo diy_tags01_zpshsc06nsr.jpg


  1. cut out desired tag shapes;
  2. cut the corners (or leave them, whatever you like; I also have a corner punch rounder which I got a while back, that’s a great addition to tags/cards making without having to spend $$$);
  3. now it’s time to draw! I recommend doing that first on another piece of paper, just to see what you really want on your tags and to practice drawing a bit;
  4. punch a hole;
  5. done!

 photo diy_tags02_zpsn28nutxt.jpg
step 2

Here are my tags! I love leaves and dandelions so of course those are motifs on my tags! :) I think this is a pretty simple way to be creative and to make nice and unique tags!

 photo diy_tags03_zpspasnqzwr.jpg

 photo diy_tags04_zpsxabmgvs8.jpg

 photo diy_tags05_zpsnniqxdl2.jpg

Vesna ♥

Jane’s Doodles Release Blog Hop: Love stamp set

Hello! Welcome to another Jane’s Doodles Release Blog Hop! It’s all about Valentine’s Day and love so here is a lovely stamp set called, well, Love (available HERE)! ♥

Blog Hop:

me -> this is where you are :)
Jane’s Doodles

 photo love07_zpsxkjxrtid.jpg

 photo love02_zpscohqgouu.jpg

I made a card and three tags (for now). This card is definitely minimalist and perfect for those who are into black&white. :) Tags are simple as well, but a bit more colorful. ♥

 photo love01_zps6ehps7ys.jpg

 photo love05_zps0ovtel0r.jpg

 photo love06_zps7w1xzlzb.jpg


As always, Jane is having a giveaway – you can win a stamp set of your choice! To get a chance for that please leave a comment HERE!

On top of that, Jane’s Doodles is having 20% off this weekend! If you wanna get your hands on some awesome stamps, click HERE!

Happy blog hopping!

Vesna ♥

Jane’s Doodles Release Blog Hop

I’m so happy to announce another Jane’s Doodles Release Blog Hop with two new sets called Rain or Shine and Ahoy!

Blog hop:

me ->  this is where you are :)
Suzy (guest designer)

Jane’s Doodles

Rain or Shine

 photo rain or shine_zpsdt3gyou0.jpg


 photo pirates 2_zpszur5bbzm.jpg

Here are cards I made using these two sets. Hope you’ll like them! :)

 photo rain-or-shine01_zpswzjoo7vq.jpg

 photo rain-or-shine02_zpsivmanckz.jpg

 photo ahoy01_zpstmjpyecu.jpg

 photo ahoy02_zpsddjuumxd.jpg


Jane is giving away two sets of JD stamps so be sure to head to her blog (link) and comment over there because you might be lucky! ;)

Vesna ♥