DIY: give your coffee mugs a makeover

 photo diy_cup_makeover01_zpshmxc1aks.jpg

Last year (yes, you read it right :D ) I decided to give my coffee mugs a makeover. Unfortunately, it was right about the time we had to start packing (we moved to Sweden) so I didn’t really had the time for DIY (or anything else pretty much), but now that I’m finally unpacked I got back to this idea and this weekend I gave my coffee mugs a lovely makeover! I actually can’t believe how simple it was and how much I love how they turned out!

Here’s what you need:

  • (coffee) mugs
  • porcelain pen(s) (available at any hobby store)
  • wet cloth (I use baby wipes – as long as the drawing isn’t dry you can wipe it off and draw again)
  • dry cloth
  • oven

 I start by drawing on a piece of paper. You don’t have to do that but I like to do it just so I can get a bit of practice and to have a plan first – what am I going to draw, how, big or small details, etc. This is how it looks like:

 photo diy_cup_makeover07_zpsyttws9bd.jpg

Then I start with drawing my motives on a mug. The easiest way to do that is to hold the mug under an angle instead of holding it completely horizontally. Once I started it went pretty fast from there! In a few minutes I was done with two mugs!  Later, another four mugs got their makeover so now I have six completely new and stylish mugs! :) After I was done with drawing I put all mugs into preheated oven to 230 degrees for 20 minutes. I’ve seen that all porcelain pens have different instructions (based on the company that is making them) so please read the instructions. After they’re done I let them to cool off and that’s it! :)

 photo diy_cup_makeover04_zpsbfxh39pv.jpg

 photo diy_cup_makeover02_zpsvjx0emvn.jpg

 photo diy_cup_makeover05_zpshmcgmrlh.jpg

 photo diy_cup_makeover03_zpsbn1lx0y7.jpg

Coffee time! ♥

 photo diy_cup_makeover06_zpsjdruzg8f.jpg

 How do you like this idea? Will you be doing something similar? :)

Vesna ♥