New In: Second Hand Edition

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I’m sure you know by now how much I love second hand shops here in Stockholm and that I often visit them because you never know what you could find. Here’s another post with some items I picked up a few weeks ago, but didn’t show them to you.

I try to buy only those things that I really like and before I buy something I try to imagine how would I use that item (would I use it in my kitchen? would I use it as a jewelry/makeup holder? would I use it as a decoration? and so on). I don’t buy things just to look pretty, I prefer to buy items that look pretty AND that actually have a purpose.

My recent purchase includes mostly English fine china which is indeed gorgeous and not to mention really cheap in many second hand shops! Not sure why is it so cheap, but I won’t complain!

Here’s what I got:

  • black bowl, unknown brand (I keep it on my dining table, it contains different tea sorts)
  • Wedgwood Clementine Trinket Pin Dish (jewelry holder)
  • Wedgwood Mirabelle Murray Powder Bowl (haven’t decided yet if it will be a jewelry holder or a makeup holder)
  • The Birds of the Hedgerow by A.J. Heritage (jewelry holder)
  • Royal Swan Historic Castles Cup & Saucer Set

All in all, I’m more than happy with my finds! ♥

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 photo new-in-second-hand06_zpsxx5wdjpa.jpg
Wedgwood Clementine Trinket Pin Dish (top), Wedgwood Mirabelle Murray Powder Bowl (bottom left), The Birds of the Hedgerow by A.J. Heritage (bottom right)

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 photo new-in-second-hand05_zpskhwj6ly9.jpg

 photo new-in-second-hand04_zpsjx9vejcj.jpg
Royal Swan Historic Castles Cup & Saucer Set

Thank you for stopping by!

Vesna ♥

Creative Sunday #001

Here’s something creative that you can easily do yourself. A while back I purchased a few IKEA RIBBA frames and instead of using them as picture frames, I decided to draw something myself and then simply frame it. I haven’t noticed this earlier, but when I placed my drawing inside the frame, I realized the frame surrounding it was beige and not white. I checked IKEA’s pictures and online they all look white so I’m not sure if this is an older version of frames or what. Anyway, I’ll have to paint that as well because I don’t like the beige version.


  • frame of your choice
  • thicker white paper (measure the dimensions of your drawing and then add 1 cm on each side because you don’t want it to be the exact same size as “window” in the center of the frame; of course, this applies assuming you’re having this type of frame that I used)
  • tape (you need it to tape your drawing; you can use any kind of tape, I used washi tape)
  • drawing pen (I used Marvy Uchida for drawing pen which dries instantly and is water-proof so there’s no smudging; thicknes: 0.1, but you can choose a thicker/thinner line)
  • scissors (obviously :D)


  • Choose your motive and then try to draw it on another piece of paper first, especially if you’re not really into drawing and don’t have experience. It might be easier once you start drawing on your *really* paper :)
  • Play around. You don’t need to keep it minimalist as I did, you can use colors or whatever other media you prefer ;)
  • And, last, take your time. I really enjoy doing this so this is like a therapy for my mind. Even if it’s not perfect I don’t care, I just enjoy the process.
  • This also makes a perfect gift. Don’t you think so? ♥

 photo floating-leaves03_zps3m7ag0zx.jpg

 photo floating-leaves01_zpsyxzxiryi.jpg

 photo floating-leaves02_zpslytjg6pc.jpg

Hope you like my suggestion and that you find it useful or at least you’ll use it as an inspiration for something else!

Vesna ♥

Currently loving #001

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Let me share with you a few things I currently love ♥

  • “bowl” which I use as my fruit bowl. I love how simple it actually is and yet it’s so stunningly looking. Okay, maybe not to you (which I find it hard to believe) but I really like it. :D is another Scandinavian design brand which definitely is pricey for me but they do have good sale offers from time to time.
  • Little bowls from Marina Marinski which I use for my healthy snacks! Marina is a tremendously talented Croatian jewelry and ceramic designer and I can’t even describe how much I love her work. I already own many bowls and some jewelry with her signature and the only thing I can do is to highly recommend her work. ♥
  • Tulips. Swedes really have a thing for flowers and it didn’t take me long to adapt. Not that I didn’t like flowers before or anything, I just never gave them a thought. Boy, that was so wrong! I just enjoy these tulips and I’m actually good in taking care of them (I was sure they wouldn’t survive the night bet here they are five days later!).
  • Sköna hem, one of many Swedish magazines about interiors, home decor and all those pretty little things.

What do you love at the moment? :)

Vesna ♥

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Yesterday I came across a lovely store on Folkungagatan, Södermalm in Stockholm called STANK STOCKHOLM. They allowed me to take a few photos and I do apologize since these were taken with my cell phone (I didn’t plan on taking any photos so I didn’t have my camera with me :/ ).

The thing that I like about Swedish stores is how many stores don’t sell only one type of product. One store often sells different products like clothing and makeup, home decor and some sort of skin care, random stuff and food, etc. STANK STOCKHOLM, for example, offers lovely home decor items and clothing. I like how it looks and feels so warm and cozy inside. :) ♥ Makes me wanna buy everything! :D

Anyway, here are a few snapshots I took so you could get an idea how it looks like. :)

 photo stank_stockholm03_zpsd61aa981.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm04_zps900357bf.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm05_zps2ba7e4dd.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm02_zps168fd030.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm06_zps3841bbaa.jpg

Since I couldn’t leave without buying anything I got something really simple: lovely mini vases. They’re still empty but won’t be for long. I have to add that at the moment I don’t buy larger items since our current accommodation is only temporary. Once we move somewhere permanently I’ll start with home decor properly :)

 photo stank_stockholm07_zpse0e0d41e.jpg
29 kr each

 Vesna ♥