Nail Polish Of The Day: IsaDora Wonder Nail 540 Purple Paisley

 photo isadora-fall2016-purple-parsley_zpsve0h1npa.jpg

A while back IsaDora launched their new Fall collection and with it they launched three new nail polish shades. One of them was shade 540 Purple Paisley which caught my eye as soon as I saw a preview of the colours. Once I noticed the collection in stores – this nail polish was mine!

I know there are so many similar shades on the market already and it’s really hard to come up with a new colour, but I simply love IsaDora’s nail polishes and I always get at least one shade from each new collection. :)

Long story short…

  • flawless and easy application
  • wide brush (all their nail polishes have a wide brush – took me a bit to get used to it, but now I love it!)
  • fairly fast drying
  • looking smooth without any top coat
  • 2 coats for even and opaque colour
  • 5 ml / 79 SEK / €8.25

 photo isadora-eonder-nail-540-purple-paisley01_zpscc0lzr7t.jpg

What’s on your nails right now? :)

Vesna ♥

NOTD: Idun Minerals Jaspis

I don’t wear red nail polishes as often as I should have, but this gorgeous shade convinced me to wear red more often. I did use this shade in one of my previous manicures, but here it is on its own. The only additional thing here is this purple rhinestone, but I don’t really like how it looks like. I should’ve used another color, but it’s done now. :) Also, this is my first product from Idun Minerals, I’m really satisfied with it which means I can’t wait to try other products as well!


  • Idun Minerals in shade Jaspis (2 coats)
  • Kiss Vita Strength Base & Topcoat

 photo idun-jaspis01_zpsrksss1hc.jpg
photo taken in natural daylight (sunlight)

 photo idun-jaspis02_zpstquyubjt.jpg
photo taken in natural daylight (shade)

Vesna ♥

NOTD: IsaDora Skyline

I’ve been posting to many NOTD posts lately, which is so not typical me, so this will be my first and last NOTD post this week. :D As of tomorrow, I’ll be writing more reviews, posting swatches and posting about some nice sale items I managed to purchase in the last week or two (still “hunting” some stuff so maybe I’ll wait just a bit with this post. :)

IsaDora Skyline is a nice pastel blue nail polish, but I’m not sure it suits my nail that good as I thought it would. I really do like pastel shades, but this one isn’t really it. MAybe if it was just slightly lighter? I don’t know…


  • Isadora Skyline (two coats, good application, fast drying)
  • Kiss Vita Strength Base & Topcoat

 photo isadora-skyline01_zps7go4mxk0.jpg

 photo isadora-skyline02_zpslbupijg5.jpg
both photos were taken in natural daylight

Vesna ♥

NOTD: IsaDora Gradient Manicure

Yesterday I decided to try out gradient manicure for the first time and I have to admit that I’m really happy how it turned out! I still have a few things to work on but all in all, it was a success if you ask me. :D I have to say it’s not that messy as I thought it would be, and that’s only thanks to IsaDora’s Peel Off Base which helped me to keep my fingers clean without any effort. :) You can read more about this base HERE, where Annie gave a pretty good review and demonstrated how it works!


  • IsaDora Fresh Linen (503) nail polish
  • IsaDora Dark Romance (519) nail polish – it looks like any other dark shade when applied on its own, but with Fresh Linen you can see how lovely it actually is and that it is actually PURPLE! :D
  • IsaDora Peel Off Base (not pictured but you can see it here, it contains only 5 ml, but I’d say it’s 5 ml of miracle! :D I actually got this so I could get off my glitter nail polishes easier, but now I found another use for it, too)
  • Kiss Vita top coat

 photo isadora-gradient-manicure02_zpswausjnbr.jpg
photo taken in natural daylight (shade)

 photo isadora-gradient-manicure01_zpsoja1fei3.jpg
photo taken in natural daylight (sunlight)

Hope you like this manicure as much as I do! :)

 Vesna ♥