New In | August ♥

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Somehow I managed to collect quite a nice bunch of products in August and since it will (probably) take me forever to review them, I think it’s not a bad idea to post another new in post where you can see what I got! Most products were purchased in August, while some of them were purchased in the beginning of September, but I decided to post them together since, hopefully, I won’t be buying anything in September. We’ll see about that, though… :D Anyway, let me start!

Let me start with Nabla Cosmetics since I already posted that as soon as my order arrived, so click HERE to check all the details and swatches! Next up is Hylamide which I ordered from when they had a 3 for 2 deal on Hylamide. I’ve never tried anything from this brand so I was pretty excited when I saw the deal and I ended up getting these products: SubQ Eyes, C25 Booster and  SubQ Anti-Age. I was primarily interested in C25 Booster and SubQ Anti-Age (erm, not really getting younger, LOL), but I don’t mind a free product! It’s been a week since I started using these and my first impression is good, but I will wait a few more weeks to give some extra details.

Before I ordered Hylamide, I decided to work up on my skin care routine and that’s how I ended up ordering my first Paula’s Choice products – Resist Anti-ageing Repairing Toner and Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid. I got a sample of Skin Balancing Antioxidant Serum With Retinol as well, and it’s a good thing I ordered just a sample and not full size product because I didn’t like the texture in the end – turns out I’m not really a fan of silicone-based products any more. I’ve been using the first two products for almost two weeks now and I really, really like them! Definitely a must have for my combination skin!
Lush is my go-to store ever since I decided to support only cruelty free products and last month I got two additional products – Helping Hands Hand Cream (my skin loves it, but it really has a funky smell which I barely tolerate; hopefully my hands appreciate it!) and Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (I keep purchasing it over and over again!).

At the beginning of September I attended the vegan fair in Stockholm where I discovered two completely unknown brands! The first one is Zoya Goes Pretty – they make the most adorable shea butters! I picked two butters: shea butter & cacao and shea butter & rose oil. Both smell deliciously, but cacao is my favourite one! I could eat it, I’m not kidding! :D The second brand is puroBIO cosmetics, an Italian brand. They have a nice selection of natural and organic make-up products and even though I was interested in most of it, I got only one product – Compact Eyeshadow n 06 – Purple. I already swatched it so I will be posting it any day now!

As always, IsaDora managed to launch a gorgeous fall collection with beautiful nail polish shades, and one in particular got my attention – 540 Purple Paisley. Here can you see a swatch that shows how nice this shade is! Perfect for fall! And, last but not least, I got a new perfume for this fall – Clean Skin. Oh my, how mesmerised this perfume is! I purchased it almost instantly, no convincing was necessary, I just new it was perfect for me. It really smells like my skin, only better. ♥

I also got some fashion details, both brooches. That lovely bird you see is handmade by Marina Marinski and you can order it HERE. The other one, silver, is second hand and purchased at a vintage store in Stockholm (it was a gift from a friend).

Continue reading to see photos and close-ups.

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New In | July

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Another month, another new in post! Even though, to be precise, these products are part of my June haul since I purchased these products in June (sale game here in Sweden is really serious, especially after their biggest holiday – Midsummer!). Anyway, I chose to publish them in July since I did get them at the end of the previous month and, hopefully, I won’t be buying anything in July so I can consider this as my July haul. ;)

Let me start with my new gadget – Foreo LUNA mini 2! I was really looking forward to it and I hope it will be worth the price and the hype! My experience with purchasing from their website wasn’t the best one, but their customer service is really excellent and we solved my issue very quickly!

 photo new-in-july02_zpswq444lnb.jpg

I was debating with myself whether I’ll go to The Body Shop or if I’ll just skip it altogether, but I ended up checking out what’s on sale and I ended up getting these four shower gels! For some reason, I had only one showering product (the one from Ritual’s Sakura collection) so it wasn’t a bad decision to get these since I had some extra discount so I got these four for the price of one (the regular price)! That was a good deal, I must say! :) I got Papaya, Raspberry, Blueberry and Passion fruit shower gels.

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My next product is from Rituals – another Sakura product in my collection! This collection is SO amazing that I keep collecting products from it! I will let you know what I think of this collection next week, just until I test my products a tiny bit longer. :)

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I’m not really attracted to Lumene products usually, but I ended up getting three products – Bright Touch Refreshing Cleanser (which I use with my LUNA mini 2), Soft Touch Hydrating Cleanser (I planned to use this one with my LUNA mini 2, but figured too late that I picked the wrong type of product since this one is applied to dry skin and not wet, which is what I was looking for so I went back for the refreshing cleanser and I’ll give this one to my friend), Vitamin C Day Cream (I really did need a new day cream so I decided to try this one since a friend of mine tried the one with the SPF in it and said it was a good one; I didn’t get the one with the SPF since I have a separate cream for that – mine SPF crema is from John Masters Organic).

Anyway, I’ve been using these products shortly, but I will give you an update on how they worked out for me. So far, so good. :)

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Nail polishes ♥

After a long, long time of checking which shades to get, I finally got some Zoya nail polishes and, to be honest, I got them just because they were on sale. :D Their regular price is really high and this is the first time I caught them on sale and I’m really glad for that! Their regular price is 150 SEK (around 17$) and right now many shades are on sale for (only) 50 SEK (6$).If you’re in Sweden (or some other Nordic countries, I think they ship only to this area), you can get them HERE. Shipping for 4 nail polishes was 39 SEK and they arrived two days after I placed my order.

Shades I got are (clockwise): Racquel, Demi (not what I expected, I thought this was a cream shade?), Sam and Miley (on my nails right now! gorgeous!).

 photo new-in-july07_zpsddom7jyu.jpg

And, like Zoya nail polishes weren’t enough, Åhlens had some Ciate shades on sale, they were 50% off and I ended with three shades (l-r): fool for tulle, white heat, burlesque. I think I’m done with buying nail polishes for a few months! :D

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What did you get recently? Is something from my latest haul on your wish list, maybe? :)

Vesna ♥

New In: Second Hand Edition

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I’m sure you know by now how much I love second hand shops here in Stockholm and that I often visit them because you never know what you could find. Here’s another post with some items I picked up a few weeks ago, but didn’t show them to you.

I try to buy only those things that I really like and before I buy something I try to imagine how would I use that item (would I use it in my kitchen? would I use it as a jewelry/makeup holder? would I use it as a decoration? and so on). I don’t buy things just to look pretty, I prefer to buy items that look pretty AND that actually have a purpose.

My recent purchase includes mostly English fine china which is indeed gorgeous and not to mention really cheap in many second hand shops! Not sure why is it so cheap, but I won’t complain!

Here’s what I got:

  • black bowl, unknown brand (I keep it on my dining table, it contains different tea sorts)
  • Wedgwood Clementine Trinket Pin Dish (jewelry holder)
  • Wedgwood Mirabelle Murray Powder Bowl (haven’t decided yet if it will be a jewelry holder or a makeup holder)
  • The Birds of the Hedgerow by A.J. Heritage (jewelry holder)
  • Royal Swan Historic Castles Cup & Saucer Set

All in all, I’m more than happy with my finds! ♥

 photo new-in-second-hand02_zpsjlimj7uj.jpg

 photo new-in-second-hand06_zpsxx5wdjpa.jpg
Wedgwood Clementine Trinket Pin Dish (top), Wedgwood Mirabelle Murray Powder Bowl (bottom left), The Birds of the Hedgerow by A.J. Heritage (bottom right)

 photo new-in-second-hand03_zpsxlg0uxls.jpg

 photo new-in-second-hand05_zpskhwj6ly9.jpg

 photo new-in-second-hand04_zpsjx9vejcj.jpg
Royal Swan Historic Castles Cup & Saucer Set

Thank you for stopping by!

Vesna ♥

New In: Vacation Haul!

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After two weeks I’m back in Stockholm! I was spending some time with my family and friends back in Croatia and while I was there I purchased some (well, more than some) products, mostly from brands which aren’t available in Sweden, like essence and catrice cosmetics. Other products are available in Sweden, but they’re more expensive here so… I got them cheaper! :D

On the photo above you can see all the products I got, but I also got a few clothing items and a bag which you can see in the end of my post. Anyway, keep reading to see what I got!

Lush Cosmetics

Since I started buying (only) cruelty free products, I began to explore Lush cosmetics more often and my wish list is getting longer and longer with every click on their website! My last purchase contains four products: Brun and Noir henna, Soak and Float and New Shampoo Bars. First two products are something I’ll be using for the first time, I already did my homework, looked at tutorials, read plenty reviews and I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll definitely take some photos and show you some before/after pictures. :)

Shampoo bars are something new as well, but I’m not so excited about them as I am about henna. :D Soak and Float shampoo bar is for my husband who has really sensitive scalp and the other one is for my hair. But I’ll be trying my husband’s bar as well since my scalp tends to get sensitive from time to time, too. :)

 photo new-in-june04_zpsgkkmfakg.jpg

catrice cosmetics

It’s really a shame that catrice isn’t available in Sweden since they have so many good and affordable drugstore products (and by affordable I mean REALLY affordable, not like some local brands :D). I was considering picking up a few more products, but I was trying to be reasonable (we see how that worked out, LOL). Anyway, I got 2 nail polishes in shades 108 The Very Berry Best and 115 Summer Nights’ Sky, Defining Blushes in shades 040 Think Pink and 110 Legend-berry (these were on sale, I think they’re going to be discontinued), Softly Touch Shadow in shade Nude NETisfaction (limited edition), Mascara Lashes To Kill and Longlasting Lip Pencil in shade 170 Plumplona Ole.  The Lip Booster was GWP.

The price range for these products is approximately between $3-$5 (if I’m not mistaken) so, indeed affordable. :)

 photo new-in-june06_zpspsiingsj.jpg

Wet n Wild

This brand is available in Sweden, but the prices are quite higher than those in Croatia, unfortunately. Not to mention that their counter is always so dirty and messy which really turns me off from purchasing anything! :/ I got only three products in Croatia, probably those that everyone raves about: megalast nail polish in 2% milk and megalast lipsticks in Smokin’ Hot Pink and Ravin’ Raisin. I’ll post my swatches this week. :)

 photo new-in-june05_zpsopcj9z4j.jpg

Minimal Chic

Minimal Chic is a Croatian based handmade skincare brand made by a good friend of mine and I can’t repeat enough how much I love her vision, products and product design! I generally love to support small businesses, whether they make skincare products, makeup, bags, pottery or anything else. ♥

For now I have only a few products (from left): Makeup Remover*, Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

 photo new-in-june08_zpsefplsj3e.jpg

essence cosmetics

essence and catrice are sister makeup brands and they often have similar products or shades, but catrice is more “serious” while essence is the perfect brand for young(er) folks. I still buy some stuff from time to time, mostly nail products, but I do tend to grab a lip product here and there.

What I got this time: essence studio nail repairing & caring oils, colour & care strengthening nail polishes in shades 01 take a break and 03 happy nails, bloggers’ beauty secret nail polish in  shade 04 shine bright, studio nails triple care, nail polishes from the merry berry collection (LE Christmas collection) in shades 03 pink & perfect and 01 I love my golden pumps, nail cuticle remover pen and lipliner in 06 satin mauve.

 photo new-in-june07_zpsojdaurip.jpg

Rituals, theBalm, alverde, Holyplant

My last beauty related image contains four different brands and products. My favourite from the bunch is probably The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel from Rituals! I love this collection and I plan to buy a few more products, the first one my list is the body cream. The rest of the products on the picture are: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter, Alverde Wildrose Sheabutter face mask and Holyplant hand & nail cream.

 photo new-in-june09_zpswfxnaydy.jpg

Okay, done with makeup and skincare so let’s get to fashion! I don’t really buy clothes that much so I got only a few items. Three of them are clothing items from a Polish brand called Mohito – lovely choice of interesting designs and colors, unfortunately, again not available in Sweden and they don’t ship to Sweden either. :( I got a simple sleeveless black blouse with an interesting collar that has some flowers on it (they didn’t have a better picture, but I guess you can use a bit of imagination :)), basic grey t-shirt with lovely drawings all over it and a navy-like sweater with some makeup symbols (that’s why I purchased it, anyway :D ).

My last item is a bag which I got from a brand called Carpisa and they have a range of bags designed by sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz. Really nice collection, too bad they had only one black bag. :D And I have to mention how I’m delighted that they have plenty faux leather bags since I had some serious trouble finding a bag which isn’t made of real leather. :/

 photo new-in-june01_zpsyh0cw9mu.jpg

 photo new-in-june02_zps39ogcpzv.jpg

Huh, finally! Done with this post, don’t think I’ll be posting any long new in posts any time soon! :D

What do you like the most among these products? :)

Vesna ♥

New In: Make Up Store ♥

Make Up Store has some really great deals at the moment so I picked a few products – a lipstick and three eye products! Their current deals are: 100 SEK for a lipstick (regular price: 185 SEK) / products in the old packaging: 50 SEK/each or three for 100 SEK.

Products I got:

  • Lipstick: China Red
  • Cyber Shadow: Sapphire
  • Eyedust: Hectic & Wisteria

All four products have a lovely texture and pigmentation but my favorite product is, of course, China Red lipstick! No surprises there! ;) Here are my photos and swatches!

 photo make-up-store-china-red02_zpsbvn9qko9.jpg
China Red lipstick

 photo make-up-store-cyber-shadow-sapphire_zpsztnjz5ft.jpg
Cyber Shadow in shade Sapphire

 photo make-up-store-eyedust-hectic-and-wisteria_zpsa7cjmx4g.jpg
Eyedust in shades Hectic and Wisteria

 photo make-up-store-china-red-sapphire-hectic-wisteria-swatches_zpsyl8d4bfu.jpg
l-r: China Red, Sapphire, Hectic, Wisteria

Which product do you like the most? :)

Vesna ♥