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Ten days ago I wrote a post where I mentioned a few products I was eager to try and just a few days after I published my post, I placed an order with naturisimo where I ordered desired skin care products. ♥ I was quite shocked this morning when I received my package, only 5 days (weekend included) after it was sent! Just wow! Naturisimo definitely exceeded my expectations!

Anyway, this is what I got:

 photo naturisimo-order02_zpsnuiayf1j.jpg

 photo naturisimo-order03_zpsdysd6uv8.jpg

 photo naturisimo-order04_zps6putur5k.jpg

This is how the package looks on the inside when you open it – nicely protected!

 photo naturisimo-order01_zps9tgakspb.jpg

Another thing that’s really important is that naturisimo has free delivery worldwide, which is awesome! This is an UK website which means no additional costs for those living in the EU. :)

Currently they have 10% off on everything with code BANK10 (ends midnight GMT, Tuesday May 3rd).

Have you any experience with online shopping from Naturisimo? :)

Vesna ♥

New in ♥

 photo new-in-april01_zpsa6tino6x.jpg

It’s been a while since my last new in post, so here’s an overview of products I got in the last few months. :)

  • Montagne Jeunesse masks – I don’t remember the last time I used these masks, but I was so glad when I noticed them in a local store! I immediately purchased three of them and can’t wait to put on one of them this weekend!
  • Depend has become my go-to nail care brand. After getting their nail serum, I ended up getting their strengthener and cuticle peeling. I also got one nail polish from their spring collection, I already tried it and I’m not really thrilled since it starts to peel off as soon as it comes in contact with water! Since my hands are often in water, I don’t think I’ll be buying them any time soon even though I like a few shades!
  • Minimal Chic is a brand owned by a friend of mine and she sent me two products to try – makeup remover oil and nail/cuticle care oil. Love them both!
  • IsaDora Mascara Volume 2.0 is a mascara that I keep buying. I think this is my 3rd or 4th time buying it and, yes, I’m obviously satisfied with it. :D
  • I’m not a fan of liquid foundations, but after reading good reviews about Lumene Finland Longwear Blur Foundation I decided to test it myself, and that turned out to be a good move because I really love it! Review coming soon!
  • Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk - I’m kinda on the fence with this brand – their products are fine, but I’m not thrilled, but not ready to give up on them just yet so I’ll keep testing them! :D
  • Lunette Menstrual Cup – The first time I read about these cups was a few years ago, but back then I wasn’t really attracted to them. A few weeks ago, I was reading about them again, and I just decided to get it. I’ve been using tampons for a looooong time, but to be honest, I am a bit paranoid about them and I was feeling more and more uncomfortable using them and I was trying to find a alternative to using them, so, here I am with my new product. I already have some first impressions and I will share them soon!
  • cold pressed ricinus oil apparently might help with grooming your brows, I yet have to see that :D
  • Make Up Store Microshadow, shade Future – already posted HERE

 photo new-in-april02_zpsjvyh6djl.jpg

 photo new-in-april03_zpsoznygokh.jpg

 photo new-in-april04_zpsxjtcwry2.jpg

 photo new-in-april05_zps0ebwbt5j.jpg

 photo new-in-april06_zpsagg8gclm.jpg

A few other products I also got, mostly food related!

  • Urtekram – I love this brand and everything they offer! Such a nice selection of organic products. ♥ Vanilla powder & Cardemom are must haves in my kitchen!
  • Garant tea, different sorts. I think this is a local brand, they offer a huge selection of products.
  • Rituals Jasmine Delight tea - new collection in their range, I had to test the tea first, but I think I’ll go back to their store to grab some skin care products as well!
  • Gorjuss! My all time favorite! :D Git it from my brother who was visiting us a few weeks back, and even though he hates Gorjuss, he ended up getting this notebook for me. He must really love me. :D

 photo new-in-april07_zpseuqtvvzm.jpg

 photo new-in-april08_zpsuebdwy9q.jpg

 photo new-in-april09_zps2ok5nacd.jpg

Vesna ♥

New In ♥

 photo new-in-november01_zpsaukjceid.jpg

Since I’ve managed to collect a handful selection of new products, here’s one new in post were I’ll show you and tell a bit about products I purchased lately.

I’ll start with one of my favourite brand when it comes to skin care – Green Girl Aromakozmetika, a small privately owned business from Croatia. I discovered this brand a few years ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. Greta (the owner) makes one of the best hand made skin care products and I can’t recommend her enough. Once again, I ordered Take it off balm (the best product for removing ANY eye makeup!), and Touch my skin gel mask which contains AHA. I’ll be also trying a new product, Shame on you body butter, and I just opened it a little bit to smell it and, oh my!, it smells so heavenly! ♥

 photo new-in-november02_zpsowae4qpr.jpg

Rituals had 20% off on everything for Black Friday so I used that opportunity to finally buy Yin calming bed & body mist (199 SEK) and to get another box of Emperor’s Dream tea (50 SEK). This is my favourite tea from their range and I recommend it if you want something relaxing before going to bed. When it comes to Yin, I tried it and can say it’s really calming. I can already see myself using it all the time. :)

 photo new-in-november06_zpsvisx0qau.jpg

Urtekram is one of my latest discoveries. I’ve been actually buying their food for a while now but just recently got into their cosmetic range as well. A few weeks back I purchased shampoo from their Rose range and I went back to get the conditioner (51.90 SEK) and roll-on (39 SEK), too. I love this collection, it has a nice and gentle scent and shampoo is working well for me so I figured I want to try other products as well. I haven’t tried them yet though, so I can’t comment just yet. Aloe Vera Shower Gel is for my husband. :)

 photo new-in-november04_zpsj1iirbux.jpg

I’ve been reading a lot about dry brushing and I even watched some tutorials and even though I’ve been thinking for a long time how I want to try it, I didn’t manage to buy a brush until a few days ago. I came across a small range of ecotools brushes at my local pharmacy and one of the brushes they had was this Dry Body Brush (99 SEK). I already tried it and I can say that I was expecting it to be a bit rougher but, it’s not. It’s actually soft, but not too soft and it works well. I wished they had a brush with a removable handle, but since they don’t, I went rather for this brush instead of getting the one with handle (they have it as well).

 photo new-in-november03_zpsocivbrvs.jpg

Just a bit of nail products – China Glaze Change Your Altitude, China Glaze Sleeping Under The Stars (both were on sale at H&M; 59.50 SEK/each) and Depend Ginseng Nail Serum (129 SEK) (something for my poor nails, for some reason I have some issues right now and I hope this product will help a bit).

 photo new-in-november05_zpswmz6dyzb.jpg

My latest catch, this one is actually from yesterday – IsaDora Golden Edition Holiday Palette (179 SEK), H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil (49.50 SEK) and H&M Soft Kajal Eye Pencil (39.50 SEK). I’ll be posting some swatches tomorrow. This palette is GORGEOUS!!! :D

 photo new-in-november08_zpsmqla5l1t.jpg

Last but not least – Pukka tea (45 SEK/each)! Haven’t tried the womankind but I did try the other, relax, one and I can say that it really is relaxing. I’ve been under some stress lately and I’m happy I got it because it is helping me to relax. ♥

 photo new-in-november07_zps8pqgzuxb.jpg

So, that would be it for now! I will be reviewing most of these products in the future so stay tuned! :)

Vesna ♥

Rouge Bunny Rouge New In + Swatches

It’s been a while since my last Rouge Bunny Rouge shopping, but two weeks ago I finally placed an order. I actually needed only Aqua Primer but since I was already ordering, I added a few other items I was interested in. :)

Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows are one of my favorite ones, and shade Blackpepper Jay is my go-to shade, whether I’m using it as a slight crease shade or as a true smokey shade, so no wonder I ordered a few additional shades. Their highlighting liquid is something new for me, haven’t tried it before, but read so many good reviews that I was kinda “pushed” to order it. Read further to see my detailed list of products and in the end of this posted I swatched everything. :)


  • Sweet Dust Seriema Mat Eye Shadow Refill, €17.00 (link)
  • Trumpeter Koel Matt Eye Shadow Refill, €17.00 (link)
  • Snowy Egret Eye Shadow Refill, €17.00 (link)
  • Sea of Tranquillity Highlighting Liquid, €41.00 (link)
  • Prelude In The Clouds Aqua Primer, €53.00 (link)
  • Succulence Of Dew Sheer Lipstick in Relish Of Heaven (free product with order)

 photo rbr-order01_zpsxlfda3wp.jpg

 photo rbr-order02_zpshxchsic3.jpg

 photo rbr-order03_zpsf9up8zbb.jpg


Swatches were taken in natural daylight but I don’t think these really show the true beauty of these products.

 photo rbr-order-swatches01_zpsmljbbrg7.jpg
l-r: Sweet Dust Seriema, Trumpeter Koel, Snowy Egret, Relish Of Heaven, Sea of Tranquillity

 photo rbr-order-swatches02_zpsoz2zarrq.jpg
l-r: Sweet Dust Seriema, Trumpeter Koel, Snowy Egret, Relish Of Heaven, Sea of Tranquillity

 Have you tried Rouge Bunny Rouge products? :)

Vesna ♥