IsaDora Face Sculptor Strobing Review, Photos, Swatches

 photo isadora-face-sculptor-strobing000_zpsa3u8mfeu.jpg

Recently IsaDora launched a new collection which contains some strobing products and after seeing some photos I decided to get the Face Sculptor Strobing highlighter. The main reason I purchased it is the fact that it comes in two combination of shades: Cool Glow and Warm Cool. I ended up getting the shade Cool Glow since I have cool undertones and I liked how this product contains three different shades for each undertone.

The packaging is really good, doesn’t take up much space and I like how all shades come in separate pans which means you could easily depot them. The pans itself contain quite a decent amount of product – 6 grams/each which means you get 18 grams of product for 200 SEK (22$). Unfortunately, that’s everything I like about this product.

I purchased it without trying it first (it just arrived to the store so they didn’t have some testers), but since I like IsaDora’s products I figured I would like this one, too. Well, I was wrong. The formula is kinda rough, if that would be the right word to use. I mean, compared to their eye shadows, which have an amazing buttery formula, this one is nowhere near it which is a real shame because this product had so much potential. And since the formula isn’t smooth and nice, it doesn’t look nice and smooth on skin either. It looks like I applied it by mistake or haven’t blended it out nicely and it emphasizes EVERYTHING, even something that isn’t there, LOL! I tried using different brushes and my fingers, but no help there. I guess I’ll simply use it around my eye area which is fine, but that wasn’t what I planned (and I wouldn’t get it only to use around my eye area since I have enough eye shadows which I use for that purpose).

I think I might try out the liquid strobing products instead. Those might work better for me. Hopefully. :)

Anyway, here are a few more photos and swatches!

 photo isadora-face-sculptor-strobing00_zpsytmtzzyq.jpg

 photo isadora-face-sculptor-strobing01_zpscoq5rjg0.jpg

 photo isadora-face-sculptor-strobing02_zpsvikzslsj.jpg

 photo isadora-face-sculptor-strobing02a_zpswieuirrb.jpg

 photo isadora-face-sculptor-strobing03b_zpsazanplfb.jpg

Have you seen this product in stores? Tried it maybe? :)

Vesna ♥

Favourites | Neutral Eyeshadows

 photo favourites-neutral-eyeshadows01_zpswnql3vvy.jpg

In my upcoming posts I’ll be sharing some of my all time favourite beauty products, and my first post is about my favourite neutral eyeshadows. ♥

As you can see, it’s only four of them and their names are:

  • Inglot 467DS – perfect shade to apply to inner corners or as brow bone highlighter, contains teeny tiny particles
  • Inglot 390M – the perfect all-over-the-eyelid base shade which I always use as my first shade to cover my eyelids so I could have that nice, even base (matte)
  • Inglot 360M – my favourite shade to apply to the crease, perfect for those who would like to wear eye makeup but not something too visible (matte)
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Blackpepper Jay – my first matte eyeshadow from RBR and by far my favourite one ♥ I often use only this eyeshadow for everything I can think of since it’s highly blendable and it can be used as the perfect smokey eyeshadow, but as well as a base eyeshadow, too. 

Once I swatched these eyeshadows I noticed how much they remind me of Urban Decay Naked2 Basics so I posted swatches of that palette below so you can compare them. :)

 photo favourites-neutral-eyeshadows03_zpssjdgb4i5.jpg

 photo favourites-neutral-eyeshadows02_zpsfqnmvdac.jpg
l-r: Inglot 467DS, Inglot 390M, Inlot 360M, Rouge Bunny Rouge Blackpepper Jay

 photo neutral-favourites-vs-ud-naked-basics2_zpstpsziebo.jpg
Urban Decay Naked2 Basics

If you would like to recommend some neutral eyeshadows, feel free to do so. Please just keep in mind that I buy only cruelty free products. :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Vesna ♥

Sneak Peek: Make Up Store Lipstick, shade Amaranth

 photo make-up-store-lipstick-amaranth01_zps2elzi08k.jpg
Make Up Store Lipstick, shade Amaranth

It’s been a few months since I noticed this shade for the first time and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Okay, not like I had it on my mind all the time, but every time I approached Make Up Store counters, I reached for Amaranth. It’s fair to say it was destiny and that I had no other choice but to buy it. :D Fast forward to today when I actually DID buy it and here I am, posting a quick sneak peek with my swatch!

Amaranth is a creamy red shade, a bit lighter than other red shades I own, but that’s the reason I like it so much – it’s really eye-catching and I think it will be perfect for summer. ♥

I’ll be creating some makeup looks over the next few days with some products I purchased recently so stay tuned!

 photo make-up-store-lipstick-amaranth02_zpsbo2otk4x.jpg

 photo make-up-store-lipstick-amaranth03_zpsbjclh4dw.jpg

Vesna ♥

Sneak Peek: Make Up Store Microshadow, shade Future

 photo make-up-store-microshadow-future00_zpscfdr7xqq.jpg

A few days ago I noticed that my local KICKS store offered 20% off on Make Up Store eye shadows and I kept checking out this gorgeous shade, so in the end I decided to buy it because I couldn’t get it out of my head. :D Not that I really need a new eye shadow, but I just couldn’t resist. :)

Since I just got it, I didn’t wear it yet, but I can tell you that it is highly pigmented with a texture smooth as butter. I’ll test it this weekend, and will let you know more soon. Until then, take a look at my photos!

 photo make-up-store-microshadow-future01_zpspdgqsupf.jpg

 photo make-up-store-microshadow-future03_zps02ij9qra.jpg

Price: 155 SEK ($20), 4 g / I got it on sale for $15

 Vesna ♥

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick – Mother, review, swatches & look

 photo kat-von-d-liquid-lipstick-mother01_zps0grwox8l.jpg

It’s been a month since I purchased my first Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade Mother and I’m finally posting my review and photos! Since everyone and their mother were raving about these lipsticks I knew I had to get at least one shade! I had a few shades on my to-buy list, but apparently we didn’t get all shades here in Sweden so I ended up getting only shade Mother. Shades such as this one are my go-to color since I feel really comfortable wearing them, and they don’t look terrible in case they wear off or something like that (unlike any darker shade).

I don’t really have a lot of experience with liquid lipsticks (I have only one liquid lipstick and that one is from Stila*, which isn’t cruelty free so that comparison isn’t relevant), and I can’t compare this formula with any other popular brands, but I’ve noticed that Inglot recently launched new matte liquid lipsticks and I’ think I’ll visit their store pretty soon. ;) Anyway, moving on!


Shade Mother is a cool toned dusty pink shade, it comes in a simple and sleek tube which contains 6.6 ml, with a screw cap and a doe foot applicator. The size of the applicator is really great; I never had any issues while applying the lipstick but keep in mind that this shade really is my lips but better and that can’t hurt. The formula of this shade is on the thicker side, but it applies evenly, without any issues. The coverage is almost completely opaque which means I prefer to apply two layers to get complete coverage. It dries quickly after application – less than a minute, and it has a matte finish. When it comes to how long does it last on my lips and how does it feel, I have to say I did expect it to be better. How long it lasts depends on: how I applied it (one or two layers), did I eat/drink something (if I did then it starts wearing off after 2-3 hours) and if I’m licking my lips. If I consider everything I mentioned, the range I experienced is 2-7 hours which is quite a difference! And, now I’m getting to how does it feel on the lips. Well, I usually don’t lick my lips, especially if I’m wearing a lipstick, but after my first application I kept having this unbelievably dry feeling on my lips! Like all moisture simply got sucked out! So, I kept licking my lips, LOL! Which resulted with this shade wearing off after 2-3 hours. The next time I applied it, it felt a bit better, but still quite dry, compared to some other matte lipsticks I have (not liquid). And every time after that did feel a bit better, so I guess it also takes time for me to get used to liquid lipsticks. Even though it is quite dry on my lips, they don’t feel or look bad after I take it off, which is a positive surprise. I was expecting a disaster the first time I wore it. :D

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks contain 6.6 ml of product and they cost 215 SEK (which is roughly $25). This brand is available in Sephora and it is cruelty free!

Here are my photos, swatches and in the end you can see how it looks on me!

 photo kat-von-d-liquid-lipstick-mother02_zpsx40kfuvf.jpg

 photo kat-von-d-liquid-lipstick-mother03_zpspjtvuqs7.jpg

 photo kat-von-d-liquid-lipstick-mother04_zpsb1dzz77t.jpg
indoor lightning

 photo kat-von-d-liquid-lipstick-mother05_zpseqryy7uc.jpg
natural daylight

 photo kat-von-d-liquid-lipstick-mother06_zpstklqw9xr.jpg

How do you like shade Mother? :)

Vesna ♥

*in November 2015 I decided to buy only cruelty free products, but I still own beauty products from non cruelty free brands