NOTD: IsaDora Skyline

I’ve been posting to many NOTD posts lately, which is so not typical me, so this will be my first and last NOTD post this week. :D As of tomorrow, I’ll be writing more reviews, posting swatches and posting about some nice sale items I managed to purchase in the last week or two (still “hunting” some stuff so maybe I’ll wait just a bit with this post. :)

IsaDora Skyline is a nice pastel blue nail polish, but I’m not sure it suits my nail that good as I thought it would. I really do like pastel shades, but this one isn’t really it. MAybe if it was just slightly lighter? I don’t know…


  • Isadora Skyline (two coats, good application, fast drying)
  • Kiss Vita Strength Base & Topcoat

 photo isadora-skyline01_zps7go4mxk0.jpg

 photo isadora-skyline02_zpslbupijg5.jpg
both photos were taken in natural daylight

Vesna ♥


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