photo stockholm01_zpseb3fa7d6.jpg
Södermalm, Stockholm (taken on February 2nd, 2015)

Before writing anything remotely useful I wanted to start with an introduction. Well, sort of. I’m a long time blogger (5+ years as beauty blogger and a few more years as a random blogger, I’d say) so blogging isn’t anything new to me. In the past few months I was thinking about starting a new blog which would be more of a lifestyle blog or at least something in that direction. The reason for starting a new blog were big changes coming my way and definitely the biggest one was moving from Zagreb, Croatia to Stockholm, Sweden at the beginning of the year (which actually happened only a few days ago). So, I decided to use that change to start something new since I will have more time and I simply wanted to share thoughts and ideas with others (you).

So, will handle a bit of everything, especially:

  • Stockholm and Sweden
  • food (photos, recipes & stuff)
  • home decor
  • crafts & DIY (various simple and creative ideas)
  • a bit of style & beauty (not sure what will this be about but lets keep it here :D )

Anyway, hope you’ll find my future posts interesting enough to hang around!

Vesna ♥