Second hand finds in Stockholm

One of the things (among many others, of course) which I really love about Stockholm is the amazing offer of second hand stores and after moving here I became quite a fan of buying second hand so here are some items I purchased recently. ♥

For some reason, I fell in love with old(er) tableware and I decided to pick up a few things. Since I like to drink tea and coffee, I got a coffee pot (I never had that so looking forward to using it!), different tea/coffee cups, a sugar bowl, a small milk pot, a few plates (didn’t photograph all of them) and wine glasses. I’m still looking for a tea pot. I’ve seen some but didn’t really feel like ‘that’s it’ so I skipped buying it for now. But I’m sure I’ll find something. :)

Also, I like how these stores have a nice selection of second hand yarn and buttons so I picked some of those as well. I have a few small knitting/crochet project on my mind and instead of buying new yarn I decided to buy second hand yarn and needles.

And, my last item in this post is a book about birds with descriptions and sketches, which is what I actually need since I want to work on my drawing skills. :) I got other books as well; I’m especially grateful for cheap dictionaries since those are really expensive if they’re new (like $100 but I paid less than $5 for used ones). :)

 photo secondhand02_zpsvkk52a7y.jpg

 photo secondhand02a_zpseugqepw8.jpg

 photo secondhand02b_zps65cvukau.jpg

 photo secondhand02c_zps1tmmrfsv.jpg

 photo secondhand03_zpsw3xauomg.jpg

 photo secondhand04_zpstl7sns5h.jpg

 photo secondhand01_zpsayjtfyjw.jpg

 photo secondhand05_zpsu8xretrl.jpg

Second hand stores in Stockholm (some of them at least):

Vesna ♥


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