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Yesterday I came across a lovely store on Folkungagatan, Södermalm in Stockholm called STANK STOCKHOLM. They allowed me to take a few photos and I do apologize since these were taken with my cell phone (I didn’t plan on taking any photos so I didn’t have my camera with me :/ ).

The thing that I like about Swedish stores is how many stores don’t sell only one type of product. One store often sells different products like clothing and makeup, home decor and some sort of skin care, random stuff and food, etc. STANK STOCKHOLM, for example, offers lovely home decor items and clothing. I like how it looks and feels so warm and cozy inside. :) ♥ Makes me wanna buy everything! :D

Anyway, here are a few snapshots I took so you could get an idea how it looks like. :)

 photo stank_stockholm03_zpsd61aa981.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm04_zps900357bf.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm05_zps2ba7e4dd.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm02_zps168fd030.jpg

 photo stank_stockholm06_zps3841bbaa.jpg

Since I couldn’t leave without buying anything I got something really simple: lovely mini vases. They’re still empty but won’t be for long. I have to add that at the moment I don’t buy larger items since our current accommodation is only temporary. Once we move somewhere permanently I’ll start with home decor properly :)

 photo stank_stockholm07_zpse0e0d41e.jpg
29 kr each

 Vesna ♥


  1. My Cup of Beauty says

    Looks like a nice shop :-) Did you say that you’ll be using the photos on the blog? I asked the same when I shopped in a MAC store, and they really didn’t want me taking any photos of their store even on my phone. The people in that shop were really nice!

    • says

      They let me take photos and were even thrilled I’ll share them online :) MAC obviously has different rules (I know they’re usually strict about everything so taking photos probably isn’t anything different). :)

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