Winter is here ♥

We finally have a proper winter wonderland in Stockholm, and here are some photos from yesterday’s walk. ♥

 photo winterishere04_zpsly7r8cxx.jpg
Grimstaskogen / Grimsta woods

 photo winterishere01_zpshdcuo7gw.jpg
Kanaanbadet / Kanaan beach

 photo winterishere02_zpsjzjxumkt.jpg
Kanaanbadet / Kanaan beach

 photo winterishere03_zpsbtwcz0fi.jpg
Grimstaskogen / Grimsta woods

 photo winterishere05_zpsrcfnzdkx.jpg
Råcksta begravningsplats / Råcksta cemetery

These last two photos were taken in Uppsala, where I’ll be studying for the next few years.

 photo winterishere_uppsala01_zpsheceshut.jpg

 photo winterishere_uppsala02_zpsicb2fgvt.jpg

I hope you like these photos!

Vesna ♥


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